ELF BAR Mandarin Lime


**ELF BAR Mandarin Lime:** Tangy mandarin oranges combined with zesty lime, offering a citrusy explosion of flavors.



ELF BAR Mandarin Lime: Awaken your senses with ELF BAR Mandarin Lime, a refreshing fusion of zesty mandarins and tangy limes. This lively blend captures the brightness of mandarins, delivering a citrusy and sweet draw. The addition of lime adds a tart and tangy twist, creating a vibrant and flavorful experience. With each inhale, the citrus notes tantalize your taste buds, offering a lively and uplifting draw. The exhale is a harmonious blend of mandarin and lime, leaving a refreshing and zesty aftertaste. Mandarin Lime is a burst of citrusy goodness, perfect for vapers who enjoy the sharpness of citrus fruits and crave a refreshing and zingy vaping experience.


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