ELF BAR Malibu


**ELF BAR Malibu:** A sophisticated blend of coconut, rum, and tropical fruits, transporting you to the beaches of Malibu.



ELF BAR Malibu: Escape to the sun-kissed beaches of Malibu with ELF BAR Malibu, a sophisticated blend that combines the creamy sweetness of coconut with the tropical allure of rum and a medley of exotic fruits. This exotic fusion captures the essence of a beachside cocktail, delivering a smooth and indulgent draw. With each inhale, the rich notes of coconut caress your taste buds, followed by the warmth of rum and the sweetness of exotic fruits. The exhale is a harmonious blend of these delightful flavors, creating a luxurious and flavorful vaping experience. Malibu is a taste of paradise, offering a decadent and indulgent escape for vapers seeking a sophisticated and tropical flavor profile.


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