ELF BAR Fuji Ice


**ELF BAR Fuji Ice:** Crisp Fuji apples combined with a hint of menthol, delivering a refreshing apple chill.



ELF BAR Fuji Ice: Experience the crispness of the orchard with ELF BAR Fuji Ice, a refreshing blend of icy menthol and crisp Fuji apples. This invigorating e-liquid combines the sweetness of freshly picked apples with a frosty menthol breeze. As you inhale, the juicy notes of Fuji apples delight your palate, offering a balanced and natural sweetness. The exhale is infused with the chilling menthol, delivering a refreshing and brisk finish. Fuji Ice is a perfect harmony of fruity sweetness and cool menthol, making it an ideal choice for vapers seeking a refreshing and revitalizing vaping experience.


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