ELF BAR Beach Day


**ELF BAR Beach Day:** A refreshing blend of tropical fruits and sea breeze, perfect for a day at the beach.



Beach Day: Imagine strolling along the shore of a sun-drenched tropical beach with ELF BAR’s Beach Day. This exquisite blend captures the essence of a perfect beach day, combining luscious exotic fruits and a gentle sea breeze. As you take a puff, the refreshing notes of tropical mangoes, ripe pineapples, and tangy citrus fruits transport you to a paradise where the sun kisses your skin and the waves serenade your senses. Each inhale is a delightful journey through a vibrant tropical orchard, while the exhale leaves you with a subtle sweetness and the unmistakable freshness of the ocean air. Beach Day is more than just a flavor; it’s an experience, an invitation to escape to the shores of blissful relaxation.


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